*** Next Player Matches - Saturday 12/2/2022 ***

Contact Aidan Stafford, Shayden Brown or Peter Wallace for further details or to enter

Cue Sports Tas in conjunction with the Launceston Workers Club, Aidan Stafford, Shayden Brown, Peter Wallace and David Kearnes are happy to bring you an initiative they have started in the last few months in the way of player matches on a Saturday of various race lengths.

Matches are normally in 3 sets on the 6 tables at the LWC - 10am, 2pm and 6pm.

From April 2021 we are starting to record these matches through Redseal Software where you can see final results, as time permits we are also hoping to add player profiles to these.

Cue Sports Tas are live streaming at 2pm and 6pm of selected matches, of course if you are in the Launceston area the club would love you to call in and support them and see these players up close as they go about their business.

Player Matches results are saved locally for record keeping and we use Red Seal SW to record all results and uploadĀ 

'Probably the most comprehensive record keeping there is'